Your smile deserves the best.

Your comfort is our top priority, and it’s a commitment we take seriously. That’s why we invest in groundbreaking dental technology: because you should have all the best that dentistry can offer.


Waterlase. This is a laser for hard and soft tissues, and it means something HUGE for you: you can have a needle-free visit to the dentist! This device will revolutionize the way you think about cold sore treatment, root canals or cavity treatments…even whitening.


Digital x-Rays. They’re instantaneous, they’re accurate, and involve less radiation.


The E4D Crown Machine. Save time! If the tooth qualifies, we can get you a new crown quickly. This amazing machine allows us to provide you with same-day crowns, creating a new permanent tooth right there while you wait. So there’s no need for another visit!


CAT-scan Assisted Surgeries. Accessing 3-D images of your mouth as we perform surgery allows for maximum accuracy—resulting in more comfort for you.